Sunday, April 14, 2019

Academic degree Essay Example for Free

Academic degree EssayAfter the SPM examination,many students father to decide their emerging on which pedagogics to pursue. Some of my friends chose to enrol in college. I decided to study in matric college as a Pre-U qualification to enter university. My reason is university development is better than college education. This is because university has a better education system,more dedicated lecturers and better facilities. First,university education provides a better education system than college does.A SPM certificate is teeming for you to enrol in a college but to enter a university you need a Pre-U qualification such(prenominal) as STPM or A-level. This simply shows that it is harder to study in university as you need some qualifications in which the college does non demand. Besides,the grading system in university is stricter than that of college. So,students make believe to work harder to get a good result. On the other hand,most college change their grading system ,according to the overall result of their students.Moreover,the the syllabus in university is well designed. Besides giving knowledge,it helps to modernize the social skills of students. For example,Students have to do survey on public about topics related to their study. This ensures that the graduates can have critical thinking skill and communication skill. Universities usually hire more experienced lecturers with better knowledge. fit in to a research, these lectures possess a Master or PhD degree and some even graduated overseas. Thus,they have higher level of of knowledge which benefits the students.Besides,Most of them have years of teaching experience and so they know how to head for the hills their students,developing their skills and exploring their potential. For instance,a Physics lecturer does non only talk on theories. Instead,he teaches the students to analyse a problem logically. They are also more caring and responsible to their students. These qualities are ha rd to seen in college lecturers,who are mostly unmarried man degree holder and work just for money. (very serious generalisation here)Last but not least,university usually has better facilities,for example,the state-of-art computers. Unlike those college such as Inti College which are run by private companies,university has a better management. Thus every single thing in the university,including the infrastructure is planned and developed well. This is honest to students. For instance,university with advanced laboratories is beneficial to students as they can learn science better by being explored to the existent situation while conducting experiments.Besides,university with better sports facilities can help the students to relax their mind. In other words,better facilities means a more conducive environment for university students. In a nutshell,university education is better than college education for its better education system,lecturers and facilities. Despite the growing num ber of college in our country,I advice fellow friends to choose university education so that when you graduate,you are rivalrous enough to survive in this ever developing world.

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