Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Disadvantages of Foreign Workers in Malaysia

TUNKU ABDUL RAHMAN COLLEGE AHEL2043 ENGLISH FOR COMMUNICATION GROUP DISCUSSION TITLE: Malaysia has too many foreign workers INTRODUCTION Malaysia has long prided itself as a model of ethnic harmony. There are about 21 million (July 1997) people in Malaysia from diverse races. It can be said that in diversity there is unity because in Malaysia all the races work and live together. The Immigrants to Malaysia are attracted by the low unemployment rates, as well, particularly those from Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and the Philippines. There are 1. 8–2 million legally registered foreign worker in Malaysia and also with another million of unregistered. So our presentation will discuss about the advantages and disadvantages of employed too many foreign workers in Malaysia. Introduction of group members * Alson Ooi Jia Hong * Paul Oon Yu Ming * Tan Chun Khin * Nya Hong Xun BODY Advantages I. Helping in house work * Double income family does not have time to do house work. II. Low cost labour * Can cut down the cost of hiring labour * Can hire more labour with same amount of capital III. Able to work in long hours * Able to bear a long time work with no complaints. * Willing to work more hours to earn more moneys for their family. IV. Can find workforce easily * Some of the Malaysian despise on some work sush as cleaner * No matter what work it is, foreign workers are willing to work as long as it can earn money. Disadvantages I. The population keeps increasing * Number of foreign labour is increasing everyday specific from India , Pakistan , and Bangladesh II. The level of unemployment become higher * The foreign workers are taking away job from local. III. Foreign workers were bringing with them some of infections * Disease which lead to the spread between people , such as AIDs and Influenza IV. Transfer many habits and bad ideas * Bring and make many problem in our country Vforeign workers pose a threat to our country security. * Pakistan workers constitute a serious security risk through the sale of drug for people to state that he planted some types of drugs and export to our country. Also some foreign labours tend to steal rich people. CONCLUSION Employ foreign workers is already ordinary in Malaysia. Take in appropriate amount of foreign workers will really give some advantages to our country, but when there are too many of foreign workers in our country, it will also bring a lot of problem to us. So, the government should play an important role by control the amount of the foreign workers that take into our country to ensure our country always in a safe and peaceful condition.

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