Sunday, February 2, 2014

Government Intervention To Control Exchange Rates

As mentioned before , the company maintains state-of-the-art revenue expectation systems . This automated system allows the company to maintain the minimum emergence of people on its payroll while at the kindred time minimizing the incidence of errors Maintaining this structure has been facilitated by maintaining a iodine class avail charging f bes which are 65 little than competing serve offered by other airlines . This has enabled the management to reduce the complexities of maintaining antithetic brands and , by this rationalization process , to minimize the costs of trading operations . just the strategy of cost minimization would not father been in(predicate) without the e-commerce line model which it implements in to facilitate greater interactions with the nodes . This has enabled the employees at JetBlue Ai rways to provide a better level of guest usefulness and thus create a high level of customer mirthThe management at JetBlue Airways knows that its two most important stakeholder groups are customers and employees . This prioritization has led to the formulation of the three golden rules which focus on providing flawless customer service and ensuring maximum possible employee gratification . These two strategies have enabled the company to conduct market naval division efficiently and effectively . This segmentation process has also been instrumental in generating a considerable level of repeat clientele for the company . Repeat business reduces the cost of operations by minimizing promotional expenses (cited in Johnson Weinstein , 2004 . To this end the employees are given the proper tools so that they can maximize their productivity . For example pilots support laptops in the cockpits so that they can have real-time damage of admission to cultivation . These issues h ave enabled the management to create a extr! emely advanced technological system which enables employees to collect much information about the customers and customize the products and services accordingly . This has created a sustainable source of competitive advantage...If you want to get a total essay, order it on our website:

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